Friday, July 25, 2014

Feed me a Grey cat

Oh goody! The officially official trailer for everyone's favorite flyblown pile of fan fiction feces Fifty Faps of FuckToast is finally up! Oh yay yay yay! I couldn't possibly be more excited if a constipated sumo wrestler sat on my face and started chowing down on a bushel of prunes and a whole pallet load of fiber bars!

Wait...this is supposed to be a movie? This looks like an extra long Calvin Klein commercial. Now with new and improved pretentious assholery. Is this really how super important Seattle corporate execs spend their days? Carefully biting their Botox injected lips to test the stay power of their all day lipstick? Staring dumbly out of their high rise windows? Rolling around half dressed in their fashionably rumpled beds, looking forlorn and slightly distressed? Man, where's Patrick Bateman when you really need him?

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